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Veta Newton

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Best-selling author, wellness coach, exercise specialist, and nutritionist, Veta Newton, was inspired to write her first book, “Cracking The Love Code, Lessons Learned from Relationship Mishaps, after having many heartbreaking moments, failed marriages, and being scammed during her first attempt at online dating.

In her discovery and personal experiences and research, she became enlightened, that the common denominator in all her failed attempts at love was herself. Touting herself as the Queen of What Not to Do in relationships, she has 66 years of experience, teaching herself how to navigate dating, and teaching women how to transform their lives.

She also discovered the human impact of relationships on overall well-being. Most of all how to unravel the complexities of heartbreak and pain and the detrimental patterns that often sabotage relationships.

Veta’s mission is to empower women to become the architects of their own love stories, transforming heartbreak into a catalyst for personal evolution and opening doors to a future filled with love, authenticity, and self-empowerment.

You too can alleviate future heartbreak, and rediscover your power of self-love.