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Cracking The Love Code by Veta Newton

Veta Newton

meet the author

Best-selling author, wellness coach, exercise specialist, and nutritionist, Veta Newton, was inspired to write her first book, “Cracking The Love Code, Lessons Learned from Relationship Mishaps, after having many heartbreaking moments, failed marriages, and being scammed during her first attempt at online dating.

In her discovery and personal experiences and research, she became enlightened, that the common denominator in all her failed attempts at love was herself…

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“Work on guiding and being with yourself and loving yourself, making each day positive and beautiful.”

– Veta Newton

Cracking the love code

book synopsis

Veta Newton’s heartfelt guide, “ Cracking the Love Code, Lessons Learned from Relationship Mishaps, is for women over 40 or any age who are navigating the world of dating, both in person and online. This book draws from my personal experiences and is filled with valuable lessons about heartbreak and resilience. With this book, I aim to empower and guide women toward finding love while staying true to themselves.

In our modern society, the dating landscape has evolved dramatically, and the challenges faced by women over 40 are unique. Many of us find ourselves starting anew, embarking on a journey filled with uncertainty and vulnerability…

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Cracking The Love Code by Veta Newton